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Do you feel your message is not getting the attention and publicity it deserves? We have a team of professional producers who are ready to shoot.
Videos are expensive to make, and you don’t want to spend your hard earned money and get a video that has poor audio, picture or graphic quality or doesn’t convey your message in a creative, engaging and clear manner. If you like for business and marketing videos we would integrate call to action buttons right into your videos so that viewers can click and be redirected to the page of your choice. Maybe you just want to create a 3D Title or logo intro or outro, we have the talent, why not get in touch with us now to discuss about your video project.
If you’re giving a speech using Powerpoint, we can insert relevant slides into your video, as well as providing full captioning and subtitling where necessary.

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Our talented team of photographers and videographers will work with you to capture those wao moments to ensure those momeries stay with you as long as you want them to live. Want to talk to us about any of the projects listed below?
Launch Parties
Awards Shows/Graduations
Conferences & Events
Fashion Shows
Baby Showers
And More
Yes we can cover them for you contact us today to start planning.


Book Trailers, Author Profiles & Interviews, E-book Content.


We make videos for charities and non-profit organisations, Fund raising


Videos for Galleries, Artists, Fashion Labels, Products and Designers.


2D & 3D Animation, CGI, Post-production and Motion Graphics.


Internal and External Corporate Comms, Case Studies and Company Profiles.


Videos for Property Developers & Owners, Lettings, Hotels and Holiday Companies.


We produce videos for the government and public sector.


Business Profiles and Web Adverts for Listings Sites and their Advertisers.


Product Videos, E-commerce Website Videos and Business Profiles.


MasolMasol- Founder
Cameroon Literary Group
We at Cameroon Literary Group were very impressed by the works of Asidcam. They are extremely diligent, efficient and open-minded. They created a TV Advert for CLG, which consisted of amazing graphics, planning and discussion between editor and client. We found that Asidcam worked for and with CLG to produce a satisfying piece of art we can all agree on. We would love to work with Asidcam in the future and recommend that other companies and charities follow suit.

molaMola Teddy – Secretary
Bakweri Cultural Group Leicester
Thank goodness we asked ASID Creative Plus to produce a presentation video for our Bakweri Cultural group fund raising event 2014. Superb video quality, the graphics and audio quality was just hands down the best you get. Anybody wanting a video presentation or TV commercial should consider hiring these guys.

mola2Simon Gobina, Director. 

ReCleaning Services ltd
It was a good decision after I got our website designed by another company to get it redesigned by ASID Creative Plus. The new design reflects much better our Recleaning values and vision. What I really liked about ASID Creative Plus, is the level of professionalism exhibited. Customer service is second to non, ASID gave us regular updates about the progress of our project, they are easy to work with. Turn around with support issue is just outstanding. All support tickets are answered in less than 24 hours. I will recommend anybody or business wanting a web design project to contract ASID Creative Plus.

Guy_T_DunnGuy T. Dunn
Serial Entrepreneur Tech Guy, Linkedin Consultant, Author, Internet Marketer and SEO Specialist
InstantSEOPlan, The Idea Guy, LLC, Networking For Business
Kaiser was great to work with. He gave me what I needed quickly and helped me decide on work I can do myself. I recommend him highly.

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