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Integrating and Streamlining your Development Plan

Need relevant development to occur in your institution?
Let us design a training to leverage the change your organisation needs.

Do you feel your defined change objectives do not translate to your desired outcome?
We can integrate our bespoke training and development programme into your core organisational functions so you can build a confident and skilled workforce tailored to your school objectives.
Our course also enhances your ability to identify the training needs of your teaching and non teaching staff, teams or departments and school as a whole.

We'll design a unique training plan, make sure your teaching and/or non teaching staff, teams or departments have upto date modern teaching techiques and approaches, developing and using interactive resources to engage learners and enhance delivery, manage performance, develop personalise learning plans and strategies, high expectation and raising achievement.

In conjunction with our performance management module you are guaranteed a powerful tool for building, managing and developing your school workforce.

Let us help you develop your school workforce.

Training and development for Cameroon schools

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Change is inevitable and will occur whether planned or not.
Every organisation is perfectly designed for the results there are currently getting. We understand that the quality of your organisation's future depends on the excellence of process we use to get there. Strategic development is about change and we make sure that management handles the new realities in technology, information flow, global competition and political accountability.


Want to out-perform less well managed institutions of equal capabilities or more? Strategic planning is the single most important activity the leadership team, departments and heads as well as teaching and non teaching staff can undertake. Each of our training and development package comes with a strategic plan; the basic foundation for providing a concrete frame of reference for making decisions about how to improve teaching and learning. We ensure that you produce consistent results over time, and build a proactive rather than a reactive workforce within your institution.


We understand that transformation begins with awareness; it cannot take place in a vacuum void of insight. It is also a continuous process of understanding related to ability, capacity, potential and results.
We have a team of UK trained and experienced professionals working with you to identify needs and measures urgency for change against market and competitive realities, internal and external environment, managerial effectiveness and opportunities for growth in people. Improve your organisational analysis, hiring and staffing decisions, team building, communication, culture and leadership style. Get in touch with ASID Creative Plus today to transform "good" results to "great" results.


Need to gain organisational excellence, competitive advantage and sustained good GCE results? This trainings are designed to improve leadership ability and people productivity. Our professionals teachers with 5+ years of UK teaching experience will unlock your instition's potential by changing the actions, behaviours and attitudes of both your teaching and non teaching staff. We understand that if you want to change direction, we need to change the behaviours and attitudes that drives current results.
No two schools have the same challenges, that is why we develop bespoke trainings specific to your individuals' needs, we'll work in partnership with you to create an organisational environment that provides the culture and tools individual employees need to enhance skills, manage time, set goals, measure results, and be more productive.


Right from the start we set Specific Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely (SMART) objectives with each training and development package, because in the end only measurable results are what matter most. We develop a system in place for assessing results on a regular basis. We'll help to identify critical success factors, improve accountability and feedback mechanisms. We'll also ensure specific results are tied directly to the agreed plan and strategy. To find out how we can help with your training and development needs, get in touch with us today.


We understand that for most clients, a new approach to routine activities is just the beginning of improving their organisation. We build our client relationships to last so each training we provide includes an ongoing support session to help resolve any issues you may have.

We'll always be just a phone call away. Having a long lasting relationships with our clients is the very core of our business ethos and our clients value our ongoing support.

If you need further training and development support we'll arrange that too, always letting you know upfront if any extra charges apply.


molaMola Teddy - Secretary
Bakweri Cultural Group Leicester
Thank goodness we asked ASID Creative Plus to produce a presentation video for our Bakweri Cultural group fund raising event 2014. Superb video quality, the graphics and audio quality was just hands down the best you get. Anybody wanting a video presentation or TV commercial should consider hiring these guys.

MasolMasol- Founder
Cameroon Literary Group
We at Cameroon Literary Group were very impressed by the works of Asidcam. They are extremely diligent, efficient and open-minded. They created a TV Advert for CLG, which consisted of amazing graphics, planning and discussion between editor and client. We found that Asidcam worked for and with CLG to produce a satisfying piece of art we can all agree on. We would love to work with Asidcam in the future and recommend that other companies and charities follow suit.

Guy_T_DunnGuy T. Dunn
Serial Entrepreneur Tech Guy, Linkedin Consultant, Author, Internet Marketer and SEO Specialist
InstantSEOPlan, The Idea Guy, LLC, Networking For Business
Kaiser was great to work with. He gave me what I needed quickly and helped me decide on work I can do myself. I recommend him highly.

Bongabi cig trusteeMr Larry T - Trustee, Bongabi CIG UK
Mr Nabola, l must admit that the flyer you have designed for our charity group is tastefully spot on. We would recommend your service to other people without any reservation whatsoever. Keep on with such high quality of work.

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