Mobile Friendly Google’s Update – The Truth

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Mobile Friendly
Google’s Mobile friendly  21st April 2015, update has been a a subject of wild speculations recently so let’s look at what this means for you – the truth.

Google released Mobile friendly update On 21st April 2015,  and while is an important update, laying more emphases on responsive web design it seems like some website design companies are not telling you the truth.

What is responsive design? Simply put, it is a web design practice and development technique to make your website automatically adjust to different screen sizes; desktops, tablets and mobile devices in particular.

How are you affected by this update? Whilst this update will boost the rankings of mobile-friendly pages – that is pages that are legible and usable on mobile devices – – in mobile search results. On the other hand pages designed for only large screens (desktop, tablets etc.) may experience a significant decrease in rankings in mobile search results.

However, modern internet usage trend shows that more people are using mobile devices to browse the internet; we use mobiles while watching boring TV adverts, while we queue for lunch or waiting for a bus or train. Mobile browsing usage has surged and that trend is not going down any time soon.

While I completely agree that we should focus more on developing responsive websites and improve our rankings across multiple devices search results, some claims of non-responsive websites will be punished are simply not true!

We know that you receive promotional emails almost on daily basis about responsive design, yes we do as well even though our website is already responsive. Some web design companies are using this to scare clients into spending their money on responsive design. Yes, I agree that websites should be responsive but scaring people like that is not the ethical way of going about it.
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If it isn’t don’t put your head in the sand just yet. Google changes games constantly, improving their search engine algorithm and updates are almost a daily occurrence.

The mobile-friendly update at official Google Blog States clearly that April 21st’s mobile-friendly update boosts mobile search rankings for pages that are legible and usable on mobile devices. It means that if you are searching on mobile or tablet device, new results will show websites that are mobile friendly as a best result.

mobile friendly

And of course it makes sense, doesn’t it? If I am on mobile I would like to see websites that are optimised for my device!

It does not imply that non responsive websites will be punished; you will not disappear from Google entirely. Don’t listen to these nonsensical horror stories.

However, any serious business should look into responsive web design and explore its potential. If you are not sure what to do just give ASID Creative Plus a call and we can explain.

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