Invest in Cameroon-7 Reasons

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To invest in Cameroon is one idea many entrepreneurs do not want to conceive because of the simple thought of corruption. However, in the midst of this, many of those wanting to register a business in Cameroon are failing to see the positive side of the country.

Cameroon is one of the most stable economy in Sub-Saharan Africa, and company registration process takes an average of 2 weeks. We’ll put you up to date with business formation in Cameroon, give you the support needed to register a private limited company and invest in Cameroon.

invest in Cameroon

Here are 7 reasons why you should invest in Cameroon

1. Cameroon is a member of the World Trade Organisation (W.T.O.) since 1995. As a member country business investors in Cameroon enjoy the following benefits that W.T.O. provides. Benefits include:

  • The system helps promote peace
  • Disputes are handled constructively
  • Rules make life easier for all
  • Freer trade cuts the costs of living
  • It provides more choice of products and qualities
  • Trade raises incomes
  • Trade stimulates economic growth
  • The basic principles make life more efficient
  • Governments are shielded from lobbying
  • The system encourages good government

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2. The 6th largest petroleum producer in Sub-Saharan Africa: This brings in new investments in Cameroon and thus create more opportunities and ventures for your business corporation, and the spur in growth in agriculture, transportation, technology, accounting services and in most of the rest of the economy works for your advantage; so why not register a business in Cameroon today?

3. Consistent growth rate of 2 to 5% since 1995 means improved competition and resource allocation, increased access to financial resources for your business and transfer of technology etc. Now is the right time to register a private limited company and invest in Cameroon.

4. Cameroon company formation is relatively easy in terms of personnel’s. It requires Only 1 manager to act as a director and as a shareholder to register a company.

5. To register a private limited company in Cameroon takes just a minimum share requirement of 1 million Francs CFA, with no restrictions on foreign directors or shareholders.

6. Company registration in Cameroon is relatively quick and uncomplicated, requiring an average of 2 weeks to complete.

7. It is comparatively easy to open global corporate bank accounts to support business formation Cameroon. ASID Creative Plus works with internationally recognised legal Consultants who can guide you through the legal requirements and also help you open your business account with recognised banks such as Citibank to provide corporate bank account services.

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