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ASID Creative Plus is the number 1 business service company in Cameroon that helps small businesses, schools, government and other organisations in Cameroon with a range of innovative and creative state-of-the-art technology to compete in the global market.

We are raising the standards of Cameroon education, increase earning potential of small businesses in Cameroon, and provide educational tools and technology to equip Cameroon graduates and educators with the skills needed for development, growths and productivity.

ASID creative Plus is the only company in Cameroon that develops and deliver Continuing
Professional Development (CPD) training for teachers in Cameroon. CPD is a new concept to Cameroon
educational setting. It consists of reflective activity designed to improve and individual’s
attributes, knowledge, understanding and skills. It supports individual needs and improves
professional practice.

There are three possible sources of CPD;
External expertise
School networks
Within schools

In Cameroon all these three sources are lacking, this creates a massive challenge and burden to
educators and educational institutions in Cameroon to meet up with modern teaching approaches and

This is where ASID Creative Plus comes in. We are the only external source dedicated to providing
the all important training, skills and knowledge to meet modern teaching challenges.
Our company develops, and delivers CPD courses to teachers, create networking between and within
schools to facilitate growth, improvement and ultimately raise standards.
We develop UK schools approved virtual learning environment for Cameroon schools, develop
interactive courses online and produce interactive learning CDs across the Cameroon GCE curriculum.
Our interactive courses are designed to meet all type of learners need.

The company has as main focus in education to use ICT across the curriculum, not just as a stand
alone subject as it is the case now.

Our Interactive teaching and learning resource centre is currently under development and will
published soon. Please visit this page often as this page will be updated as resources are
produced. Alternatively you can subscribe to our newsletter to receive all our latest updates.


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