Integrating Technology into Classroom Teaching

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Cameroon education is undergoing some major reforms to meet the modern teaching standards where technology is an integral part of curriculum delivery. However, most educational institutions including Universities in Cameroon still struggle with the necessary technological skills and resources to enable the integration of technology into everyday classroom practice.

This is where ASID Creative Plus comes in. We support schools, colleges and Universities to develop UK standard Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) across the nation and we are also dedicated in training both teachers and students to develop relevant skills necessary to use the available resources to raise attainment and achievement, and to increase success rate at all levels in the Cameroon education.

What is a Virtual Learning Environment?

A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a system for delivering learning materials to students via the web. These systems include assessment, student tracking, and collaboration and communication tools. They can be accessed both on and off-campus, meaning that they can support students’ learning outside the lecture hall 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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This enables institutions to teach not only traditional full-time students but also those who cannot regularly visit the campus due to geographic or time restrictions, e.g. those on distance learning courses, doing evening classes, or workers studying part-time.

There are different types of VLE, which all work slightly differently but ultimately perform the same function and can deliver the same learning materials. A Higher Education institution is likely to have a licence for a VLE that fits into any one of the following three categories:

  • off-the-shelf, such as Blackboard or WebCT
  • open source (often free to use and adapt but support is charged for), such as Moodle
  • bespoke (developed by institutions for their own individual needs)

VLEs are also known as Course Management Systems (CMS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS), among other names.

There are some international standards associated with VLEs which help to make content and assessments interoperable (i.e. they can be used in different types of VLE). The standard for content is called ‘Sharable Content Object Reference Model’ (SCORM) and the standard for assessments is called ‘Question and Test Interoperability’ (QTI).
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At ASID Creative, we develop virtual learning environment as well as develop interactive and engaging contents across the national curriculum in Cameroon education. Our state-of-the-arts authoring is designed to develop interactive contents for higher education in all subjects. Furthermore, we develop education games, puzzles, and quizzes that are suitable for teaching and learning in a school environment and at home. Our interactive contents are designed to act as a personal tutor; meaning that delegates can learn and make significant progress without a physical tutor.

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