Integrating Technology Into Cameroon GCE

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Cameroon GCE

Integrating technology into classroom teaching is not just about having computers in schools. A few schools that teach Cameroon GCE syllabuses are gradually updating their libraries with computer rooms. However, whilst technology has become an integral part of modern teaching and learning, Cameroon education is yet to understand how this innovation can be used to raise the standard of the Cameroon General Certificate of education.

In the modern world integrating technology into the curriculum is a priority – if not a mandate in many schools in the western world.

I am delighted to tell you that Cameroon educational authorities have come to realise the importance of combining technology into the Cameroon GCE. However, the big question many are asking is…

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Technology integrated as a separate subject or as a once-in-a-while project or as a tool to promote and extend students learning on a daily basis?

The biggest challenge, of course for the schools is finding ways to use technology and to help students use it in a way that do not take time away from core GCE subjects.

For many Cameroonian teachers, lack of personal experience with technology posse an additional challenge. More still lack of modern educational technology facilities presents even greater challenge. In order to incorporate technology-based activities and projects into the Cameroon curriculum, the teachers first must find the time to learn to use the tools and understand the terminology necessary for participation in those projects or activities. This is where ASID Creative Plus comes in.

ASID Creative Plus is the number 1 Company that brings to Cameroon schools the exact same standard and quality of UK educational

Cameroon GCE Online

Cameroon GCE Online courses

technology, expertise and experience. ASID Creative Plus develops UK quality interactive learning resources for Cameroon education, brings the necessary tools to enhance training, and delivery of high quality lessons. We partner with schools across the country to provide UK standard e-learning training to teachers and students. We develop custom training programmes to suite the individual school educational needs.

Technology is a fast paced world and if not handled with care it can be counter- productive to schools, used properly, however, technology can be a tool for teachers as well as for students. To help teachers new to technology gain experience in using it, and to help tech savvy teachers incorporate technology more fully into their daily routines, ASID Creative Plus offers the following easy ways in which you can seamlessly integrate technology into your daily and weekly classroom routines.

Educational Games

ASID Creative plus develops educational games and publish on the web or interactive CDs. The games are developed to carter for all level of thinking. For many students with a short attention span, educational games can be very useful.  They may be fun for the student to play thus they may pay more attention to them.  A good educational game will teach at the same time that it entertains. The students may also find it to be an easier way to learn.  Our games are designed to add variety to a classroom.

Even if students pay attention, they may find it boring to always do the same sorts of things in a classroom.  Our educational games provide a different way to learn about the same lessons.  The students will be able to better remember the lessons if they learn it in different ways.

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Educational Puzzles

ASID Creative Plus is the number 1 educational puzzle maker for Cameroon education.

From early childhood right through to adulthood people love to play with puzzles.  People like the way they challenge our thinking and exercise our minds.

Puzzles are also an important educational learning tool for toddlers and young children as they provide many skills and mental learning benefits and opportunities.

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Interactive Quizzes

ASID Creative Plus produces interactive quizzes across the Cameroon curriculum and across all GCE subjects.

There is no doubt education is secret key of human success and the roots of education lie on competition. A child is born without knowledge and skills, and they continuously participate in competitions every part of their life, developing skills and knowledge through a learning process.

A child competes in the school, college and university and finally he/she competes in his/her professional area. Actually human life is full of competitions. ASID Creative Plus brings educational quizzes right to the comfort of Cameroonians homes.

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E-learning Courses

High GCE grades

Experience Success

ASID Creative Plus has developed Cameroon GCE subjects into interactive contents. Our e-learning courses have been developed using the same standard UK schools approved LMS platform. Our authoring tool is amongst the top tools available in UK market place. The teachers behind our e-learning resource are UK trained with many years of UK teaching experience.

All our students are equipped with the best learning resources and materials to guarantee successful completion of the GCE examination. Students who enrol are provided with a complete interactive package to enable they learn even if they are not connected to the web. Our interactive CDs are designed to serve as your own personal tutor. In addition each student will have a dedicated UK trained tutor they can contact online using our chat room any-time anywhere.


Students also have the opportunity to chat and share ideas with other students any-time anywhere using our chat and break room.

Assignments are done and submitted online; your personal tutor will mark and give you feedback usually within 24 hours. In most cases feedback will be instant as our authoring tool is designed to do just that.

We also offer drop in sessions at our centre where you will get the opportunity to meet your personal tutor. Drop in sessions are very important because, during these sessions you can ask questions about particular issues and also raise concerns in areas of difficulties.

Your feedbacks are very important to us and we act on them as soon as possible especially when developing your courses. Your feedback helps us to plan and develop personalised courses to suite your learning needs. Find out more on how to pass your Cameroon GCE examination here.

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