Cameroon Education | GCE 2011 Results

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Cameroon Education | GCE 2011 Results

Cameroon education particularly the GCE suffered a drop in overall performance compared to 2010.The GCE Advanced level recorded an overall performance of 64.39 per cent compared to 69.61 recorded in 2010. The overall performance of the GCE ordinary level was no different, 43.51 per cent succeeded compared to 58.02 per cent in 2010.

The cause of the drop in performance is yet to be revealed.

According to the Cameroon GCE board sixty-five thousand six hundred and seventy-eight (65,678) students registered for the GCE O’ Levels, fifty-five thousand three hundred and seventy-eight (55,378) sat the exam. However, only twenty-four thousand and ninety-three (24,093) manage a pass grade in 4 or more subjects giving an overall percentage pass of 43.51.

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Twelve schools across the country scored 100%.

Thirty-one thousand two hundred and eighty-five (31,285) students failed to achieve a pass grade and ten thousand three hundred (10,300) were absent.

Thirty-four thousand and ninety-seven (34,097) students registered for the GCE A’ Levels, of which thirty-three thousand and ninety-nine (33,099) sat the examination. Those successful in 2 or more subjects were twenty-one thousand three hundred and twelve (21,312) giving an overall success rate of 64.39% sixteen schools scored 100% across the country, nine hundred and ninety-eight (998) students were absent and eleven thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven failed to achieve a pass grade.

Can we improve the performance of the Cameroon GCE?

This question has been in the minds of many Cameroonians and yet nobody has the guts to challenge the system. The Cameroon education system needs to adapt to modern teaching and learning if the country wants graduates to be useful and productive in the 21st century.

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