How to Know the Business and Education Service Provider Cameroon

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Business and Education Service Provider Cameroon

Over the years small businesses and educational institutions have been struggling to embrace and incorporate the use of technology into their every day activities.

However, this journey has not been particularly easy for them. Both small businesses and schools suffer heavy losses due to frequent power cuts. Despite this short-fall, most small businesses and schools continue to make desperate effort to make the use of technology a must in their daily routines.

The major challenge however, is the necessary skills and appropriate technology to take their business effort to the next level.

Introducing ASID Creative Plus

ASID Creative Plus is the only company that provides services to small businesses and educational institutions in Cameroon.  ASID Creative Plus brings innovation and creativity to Cameroon businesses and schools. The company develops interactive trainings for small and medium size companies provide search engine optimisation (SEO) services to increase on-line exposure so as to create more business opportunities and increase their earnings as well.

ASID Creative Plus also helps to brand small and medium size businesses in Cameroon by providing a unique and quality web and graphic design service, logo and business cards, video marketing and social bookmarking services. For the first time other organisations can now access our community experts who are very experienced in identifying and making funding applications, conceive, monitor and evaluates projects. Training is also provided to equip business owners or organisations with the skills needed to enhance growth in a sustainable manner.

ASID Creative plus is the major company in Cameroon today that develops and produce interactive learning resources for schools and home use. Our interactive contents range from educational games, puzzles, quizzes, complete GCE courses to a UK standard Virtual Learning Environment.

We employ UK trained and experienced teachers with a sound understanding of the Cameroon General Certificate of Education exam specifications. Visit our education page for more information.

ASID Creative Plus have developed two sister companies to help Cameroon businesses gain internet exposure at a fraction of the cost of paying for an SEO service or PPC.  Our Cameroon Business Directory guarantees your business on-line visibility and put money in your pocket by increasing your daily sales and/or bringing in new business opportunities.

Our Cameroon Jobs and Recruitment Agency is the first in its kind in Cameroon where employers can post jobs, browse or view resumes and recruit directly from within their custom dashboards. Job seekers can submit resumes, apply for jobs on-line from our site and upload certificates, CV and other credentials.

Freelancers can now run their very own on-line business directly from without having a website of their own. We handle

Engaging Content

Engage your Audience

everything including hosting for you. All you have to do is register to create an account, post your resume and skills then let us do the rest for you. Each time you receive a potential client, our system will automatically send you an email notification. You can then login to your account to view your potential client contact details and their job specification.

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