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When it comes to promoting and branding your business, a great business card is absolutely essential to set you apart from your competition and is often the first glance a potential client gets into who you are and what you represent and of course how you conduct your business. An untidy or loose card will speak just as loudly as a stunning one. A great business card will leave a lasting impression.

Today I want to give you an edge over your competition. The mere fact that most of your competitors have very ordinary, familiar business cards gives you a competitive edge. Imagine yourself receiving a unique business card from the CEO of a business corporation, what would be your reaction? I don’t know about you but it will certainly lead to a positive reaction, and hopefully a positive working relationship for me. I will definitely most likely hold onto such a card even if I am not planning to do immediate business with the corporation, for future use or a possible referral purpose. A great business card is in fact conveying a feeling, establishing a business brand and transferring important information in one very efficient unit.

Who need a great business card?

I know you may be thinking a great business card is one that is filled with graphics and all the bells and whistles. The truth of the matter is that a great business card doesn’t have to be loaded with graphics. However, you need something simple and presentable. Consider the same approach to how you dress for an important occasion, or how you write an email. Sure, you can write an email in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and no punctuation and it still gets the message across, but what does that say about how serious you are when it comes to people’s perception of how you handle your business?

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you should make a business card that comes with a backpack to carry it or requires a cryptographer to read it. However, something a little bit different is good and would make a significant impact the way your business is perceived. A great business card should be legible and clear to understand.

Keep it simple:

  • Logo
  • Name
  • Title
  • Mobile telephone number
  • Office telephone number
  • Fax number
  • Address

Maybe add in your slogan or a short major statement that carries through all your marketing material. Anything else is really overkill, and you run the risk of cluttering up your card.

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Importance of Logo Design in Building a Brand Image

A professionally and creatively designed logo can do wonder in building your brand image. On contrary, an unprofessional logo design can destroy the image of your brand. It’s a very important part of your brand building that you cannot compromise with. Your Logo design servicebusiness is recognized by your brand value and the logo is the basic element used in creating a brand image. Creating a unique and attractive logo needs a lot of consideration, design skills, hard work, and creativity.  A professional logo must reflect a strong corporate image as well as the marketing message to audiences.

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Now you know the importance of great business card and professional logo design. My question to you now is…

How do you want your Cameroon business to be perceived?

The choice is yours whether to create a lasting impression to clients or customers in Cameroon, and get more business opportunities and ultimately increase your income or you want throw your business to the dogs with a sloppy business card or logo.

ASID Creative Plus provides professional business cards and custom logo design services for businesses in Cameroon. Our team of designers are UK trained with many years of experience.

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